DMI - Spy Academy - Covert Disguises Workshop

2 Day Crash Course

This is an intense, two-day crash course in covert disguises.  You will be thrown into the real life, undercover world of disguises. Dakota Michaels, AKA "The Chameleon", is top notch in real life disguises. He has been known to enter a location as one person and leave as someone completely different, without ever being detected.

Mr. Michaels was trained in covert disguises used to flush out spies and to gather intelligence. He went on to perfect this art with the help of several Hollywood makeup artists. Now for the first time you can learn this amazing art of transformation.

Here's what you will learn:

Thinking and becoming the Spy
Designing your characters
Goal of the Spy
An actor's approach
Living, Eating and Sleeping your character
2-d Disguises
3-d Disguises (Special effects makeup)
Makeup products and how to obtain them secretly

How to enter a location and leave with the same goal, but as someone else
Covert spy toys and gadgets used
Changing your identity
The method of absolute discretion
Tactical skills
Gathering intelligence
Collecting the evidence

And much, much more!

The ability to effect a change of appearance at any given time is a requisite skill for the modern day spy. Such a capability allows the operative to adapt to certain situations or project a false identity after being exposed.

Pre-requisite: The Invisible Spy Workshop

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