DMI - Spy Academy - Spy Game Missions & Ring of Spies

These one to two day courses are run from a VERY SUB ROSA location. Which is used as Headquarters a.k.a. HQ for the day. Participants will spend the morning learning how to mount a surveillance operation and how to use the equipment. In the afternoon they will be driven from HQ to an UNDISCLOSED AREA where they will be given tasks to carry out in and around the area.

You will be required to follow your target on foot and by vehicle (drivers and cars provided) where you must record the information you gather using the equipment you have been issued. When the surveillance terminates you will return to the headquarters and collate all information you have gathered. Your team will then take part in a quiz to determine your powers of observation.

You and your team are escaped spies on the run from your captors. Your aim is to evade, capture and pass on vital intelligence (which you must uncover). Time is running out and the hunter force is closing in. Players are split into two groups HUNTERS and RUNNERS with roles reversed.

HUNTERS: Their task is to hunt down the runners

RUNNERS: Their task is to carry out secret assignments and piece together their winning formula as they move around stealthily and avoid the HUNTER force.

They consist of HQ staff, QRT (Quick Response Team), and SPOTTERS.

QRT: Mobile attack units, which race out from command on quad runners (quads) to attack RUNNERS.

SPOTTERS: Mobile observation units, which covertly observe the runners and report back to command center.

Everyone splits into patrols with each member of the patrol being given a role. (Patrol Commander, Radio Communications Person, Medic, Sniper, etc.)

This is an outdoor event and could prove demanding if weather conditions are unfavorable. Movement across country on foot is required as well as a degree of physical effort, so good physical condition is recommended.

Embassy Siege:
Having been issued with your Special Forces outfit, you and your team will spend the morning learning how to handle our realistic replica weapons (Military Style Air soft Weapons), and under control of our expert instructors and training in the methods of room entry and "Operations of Urban Areas."

Your team will then be given the mission of rescuing hostages held by a terrorist group, which you must plan and implement.

With rehearsals you carried out, you and your team will end the game with an insertion to the embassy grounds, where you must maintain the momentum with a ruthless efficient rescue.

This a demanding but very rewarding team challenge and will require high levels of teamwork, positive leadership and excellent communications. It is an exciting event but requires moderate physical activity.

Close Protection (Executive Protection):
You and your team are body guards assigned to protect a high-level profile government official. A threat has been made against them, your aim is to insure a safe passage and deliver your client in one piece. There is only one problem´┐Ż.the ASSASSINS.

The Spy Circle is a unique society designed for individuals and small groups. Suitable for all ages, memberships come in Adult and Junior.

After a one time joining fee, there is a small monthly subscription to become a member of an international espionage organization. You will receive a starter "spy pack" to set you up as an agent and then receive tasks via mail and the internet. For example, you may be requested to watch and answer questions about a video clip, crack codes or find a hidden message in a newspaper advertisement. Live action role play is an option for adults with agent meetings and dead letter boxes. A variety of secret tasks are on the agenda.

There will be significant discounts for members on regularly offered events and products. You will also meet with other interested people (spies) and take part in our surveillance missions or other events.